THE City of Subiaco will replace glyphosate sprays with a safer alternative but it will leave the City 60 per cent more out of pocket.

Councillors unanimously agreed at this month’s council meeting to assign a local contractor to undergo non-chemical weed control within Subiaco.

Glyphosate weed control carried out in Subiaco parks and reserves, footpaths, road reserves, streetscapes, traffic islands, kerbs and laneways, currently costs the City $133,000 each year.

The City has now agreed to secure permanent non-chemical steam weed control, costing $212,000 – an extra $79,000 spent by the City per year in an effort to stop its use of glyphosate.

Councillor Derek Nash said the approach to rid glyphosate use within the City was a way forward and a sensible middle ground.

“Yes the non-chemical weed control is more expensive but I believe it’s money well spent – how do you put a price on the health of the community?” he said.

A 12-month successful trial was conducted by the City in July 2018.

Non-chemical steam weed control will be rolled out on January 1, 2020.


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