Sepcial features of the KECKEX equipment

  • No chemical additives
  • Effectively against numerous weeds and grasses
  • For problematic non-native plants
  • Weather-independent
  • Compatible with all kinds of municipal equipment
  • Can be used on nearly all surfaces (tarmac, concrete blocks, gravel, etc.)
  • Perfect in agriculture, orcharding, and winegrowing
  • Does not harm or damage the surface
  • Ground coverage: with handheld equipment ca. 200 m²/h or more
  • With accessory equipment ca. 600 m²/h or more…

The KECKEX Approach

How does KECKEX weed control work?

Our hot vapor generator heats water up to 140 degrees Celsius and produces a mix of 50% vapor and 50% water.

The vapor sterilizes the soil and heats up the surface to prevent the water from cooling down. This again enables the hot water to easily penetrate the soil all the way to the plants’ roots.

A heat-resistant special hose guides the water vapor to the individually selected accessory part that serves to evaporate the unwanted weeds.

This process induces a protein shock in the plant and destroys the plant cell walls. As a result the plant can no longer absorb water and thus withers.

Depending on the respective vegetation and environment, the procedure might have to be repeated. Each treatment clearly weakens even deep-rooted plants until they finally die.

Before and after the treatment

Applications of the KECKEX Approach

Special Features of the KECKEX Approach

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