• Item number: KS-000-021
  • WEEDEX unit: WEEDEX 12 volt
  • Frame: stacker frame 1.2 m x 1.3 m
  • Water tank: watertank 600 l, upright, Black, metal cage
  • Hose holder: automatic hose reel, stainless steel 15 m
  • Hose:15 m hot water hose with protective cover, abrasion protection
  • Battery and charger: Battery AGM 12V, 240 – 260Ah with charger 25A
  • Accessories: Handheld spray gun set 2 part, battery compartment for 240 – 260Ah ampere battery with retainer and clamp
  • Dry weight: 350 kg
  • Length / width / height: l 120 cm / w 130 cm / h 110 cm
  • Compatible with: pick-ups, trailers, platform trucks, open beds, etc.

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