• Item number: KS-000-009
  • WEEDEX unit: WEEDEX 12 volt
  • Frame: frame structure on JESPI drive
  • Water tank: 450 liters
  • Hose holder: manual hose reel, stainless steel for 20 m
  • Hose: 20 m-hot water hose with protective cover and durability reinforcement
  • Battery and charger: 12 volt battery and charger
  • Accessories: handheld surface control-unit 50 cm, 3-part spray gun
  • Dry weight: 400 kg
  • Additional information: max. vehicle load capacity: 1,000 kg; max. uphill grade 20%
  • Length / width / height: l 200 cm / w 80 cm / h 110 cm
  • Possible application fields: compact and convenient, for autonomous operation. cemeteries, city complexes and parks, residential complexes, etc.


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