Front Cut
All equipment and cutting tools are in front of the machine to guarantee the utmost visibility and control for the operator. The front deck makes it so that the grass is cut before being trampled by mower wheels resulting in a clean even cut. Moreover, the front deck also allows to cut under bushes and makes finishing around trees, flower beds and walls easier.

Cutting deck
The out-front cutting deck provides maximum visibility and perfect control. The front deck cuts the grass before the machine passes over it, making a clean cut. The front deck also able to cut under bushes and makes finishing around trees, flower beds and walls easier. A carrier frame holds the deck in a suspended position,so it can float following terrain contour, ensuring an even, precise cut. The deck carrier frame is fitted with non-puncture wheels,in full soft rubber. The front lifting device allows to raise the deck rapidly thus enabling the machines to mount kerbs and other obstacles. The swing back blades absorb shocks and protect the transmission against various debris left in the grass. The bladesare able to cut extremely tough grasses such as couch, with a high quality of cut. The heavy duty electric PTO clutch can be adjusted to ensure long life and positive engagement.

The counter-rotating blades provide a strong aerodynamic thrust, forcing the cut grass directly into the collector. The collection chute is shaped to follow the parabolic trajectory that the grass is naturally given after cutting, providing optimum flow without energy loss, and better compaction of the grass in the collector, as a result. The direct collect system of the grass avoids clogging even in tough conditions with tall, moist grass. The special design of the chute helps fill the collector to the optimum level and, together the outstanding grass compaction, it means an even greater capacity.The collection chute is fitted with a hatch for easy inspection and cleaning.

Grass collector

Its large, 300-litre grass collector is made of shock resistant materials and it is equipped with air deflectors that ensure a greater filling and that directs dust backwards in order to offer favourable working conditions. Hopper unloading takes place by hydraulic cylinders, without efforts for the operator. Two versions are available:
• 80 cm high unloading, so that more grass collectors can be emptied on the same heap thus diminishing the unloading space, or so that grass can be unloaded directly inside a small garden trolley;
• 175 cm high dump lift, to unload the grass directly in the body of a truck or trailer.


Mulching is also possible by fitting the optional kit to the collection deck.

GTS is equipped with gasoline and diesel engines. The gasoline twin-cylinder engines are equipped with an air filter that has a dual filtering element and a pressure lubrication system with oil filter. These features increase the protection and life of the engine. For maximum performance a powerful 3-cylinder, liquid cooled 22 HP diesel engine is available. The oversized radiator with anti-clogging fin is raised and keeps clean longer also in difficult conditions. The filtering system with self-cleaning, cyclone-type pre-filter protects the motor and lengthens its life.

Hydrostatic transmission

The hydrostatic transmission is available in the 2 or 4 wheel drive versions. In 4WD models, transmission is automatically operated by the patented HTC™ (Hydrostatic Traction Control) device that gives several advantages, among which:
• it intelligently varies the traction supplied to each rear wheels to prevent them from damaging the turf during turning operations;
• guarantee constant drive on all 4 wheels for operator safety.
The servo-assisted pressure divider subdivides the torque on both wheels in order to have the effect of a differential locking.

s seat
GTS driver’s position was designed to offer maximum ergonomics and comfort in use. The sprung seat can be adjusted lengthwise. The high backrest allows to work without tiring. The steering wheel is also ergonomic with a soft handgrip and knob. All controls are easy and user friendly with ergonomic levers and shaped handle

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